A little bit about me...

I am now 51 years old... somedays, I can't believe I've made it to this time of life. I am grateful and my heart is full. 

I was born in Canyon, Texas. There's so much I could write here but I already did in my published book, Rubberband Girl.

Who I am now is what is most important. I am a mother of three grown children. Two sons and a daughter. My youngest is 22 years old. My daughter.

I raised my children as a single mom since my daughter was 2, so 26 years of a struggling but loving life with my little family. 

They are the only family in which I really have so I treasure them. 

I have survived much trauma from being abused as a child by my raging alcoholic father, to having brain damage from the trauma that ended me up in a mute coma for many months. I was wearing a diaper at age 18 in the hospital where I lost all of my motor skills from walking and talking and ultimately resorting to a 2 year old mentality. 

I was told I wasn't going to be able to function normally again or even retain information because of my brain damage. 

I guess I showed them... My book talks about this miracle. It was nothing short of one. 

I named my book Rubberband Girl because most of my life, I was torn back and forth by trauma. Stretched thin and living in so much trauma. I decided to change that. 

I have lived in Oklahoma City for 12 years now-building multiple businesses after moving on a leap of faith-and NO money from Amarillo, Texas. 

After a house fire destroyed everything I had worked for, it was time to rebuild and to get a fresh start. The journey began in 2012 and you'll have to read about that in my book ;)

Miracles everywhere. Growing while uncomfortable is key-and, to never give up. 

I wanted to many times. 

So with that said-I am an Author, an entrepreneur, a gourmet private chef, an abstract painter, a candle maker and a designer/developer. 

I sound like Shel Silverstein. Ha!

I can't stop creating. I simply love it. The end result and the accomplishment light me on fire. 

I look forward to writing further books and holding seminars for women to give them hope and self-love. It's critical. 

I am planning on the rest of my life being the best of my life after much personal growth, lessons and a lot of self-discovery. 

I always think of my DASH. The dash between 1973-xxxx. What legacy did I leave behind for my children, my friends and others? What light and love did I disperse to others? I want to stand for something and truly make a difference. 

It's a daily effort. I am not a victim. I am a survivor. I've survived physical and mental abuse, rape, more abuse, health tragedies and suicide. I am a survivor. 

My overall efforts make me want to be the person I once needed for others and I am on a mission. 

God bless you. God bless me and my family and all endeavors.


Meet my furry crew.


Beyond Limits

Dedication and commitment.

On the days when you don't feel like getting up and the whispers of the past creep up... Remember how far you've come. It truly is a journey and we grow when we are uncomfortable and learning who we are. Not who others have told us we are.